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Phreedh's Mini Stuff

First 15mm painted

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Sun, July 24, 2011 23:03:21
I had some time this weekend to paint, and decided to have a go at some of the Splntered Lands dwarves I posted recently. Here's a quick shot of four of them mounted to their base. I've got 9 finished, 3 more to go. Once finished, I've got three stands of shooters read for HOTT. Fun minis to paint, and I'm making an effort to paint them as quickly I can. They are after all tiny rank and file guys with one single purpose - to be put on a game table. I was pretty happy with how they turned out until I saw this close up photo of them.

More to come in a few days, fully based and photographed under proper lighting. After that I'll do the blades, as they're quite similar to these in equipment.

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Arabian nights

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Tue, June 28, 2011 20:35:30
I recently re-discovered how to combine the miniature hobby with family life; I painted some lead with my wife! While she was working on some replacement models for Tales of the Arabian Nights, I finished up two models I've had half finished for ages.

First her work though. It's six models from Mega Miniatures arabian range. Cheap and quite OK looking stuff, I purchased them a while ago to be used as replacements for the cardboard figures from Tales of the Arabian Nights. The game was received for christmas 2010 as a gift from my secret santa at Board Game Geek. My wife really likes it, it's a pretty random and silly game - but it's bloody good fun if you're in the mood for some story reading rather than tactical or strategic decisions.

These are her first time painting metal models. Prior to this she's only painted one plastic Blood Bowl mini (a second edition human player some six years ago) and a few robots from our RoboRally set. I'm well and truly impressed, especially with the tidy painting. Some practice doing highlights and drybrushing and she'll be out-painting me in no time at all! Of the six, I did Aladdin on the far right and also finished the bases. The rest is all her work!

I myself toiled away with this old lump of lead. Consider this turd properly polished! Still don't really know who produced it, but as I mentioned some months ago it was the first model I purchased. It is now made and sold by Magister Militum as a Wild Man with Warts. Pretty apt description. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, considering the battered condition he was in. I emailed Magister Militum and asked if they knew who originally produced it, but all they could say was that they thought it might have been Standard Games.

This is actually the first miniature I've painted without any plan what so ever regarding actual use. I guess he'll show up somewhere around Stillburg. Maybe as a giant mutant halfling... that's a 25 mm wide base he's on so he's quite a big guy.

Speaking of halflings, I also finished a model I was supposed to use in my entry for Lead Painters League 5, round 10. That fell through due to work, but atleast this one miniature is now finished.

It's Pippin from the 1985 Citadel set BME1 - The fellowship of the ring. A nice set of halflings, some daft humans, an over sized elf and a pretty good wizard. Was going to use Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Strider, Legolas and Boromir to re-create the battle at Amon Hen - complete with ruin and all. I also got a handfull of the old 80s Jes Goodwin Uruk-hai. They're also a little painted so far... I'm re-focusing on Stillburg now, with the LPL out of the way and this guy is going to pop up in a scenario not too far away in the future.

If you ask me, he looks more scared than anything else. He no want huggies! Coming up next; zombies?

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Two brothers

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Sat, May 21, 2011 23:52:55
Finally, some new pictures here. These two guys were planned to make up part of an entry in LPL5 over at Lead Adventure Forums - however time was not on my side. Instead, I'm showing them here for the first time.

These are the brothers Crabcock. In the first scenario of Songs of Stillburg, the objective is to save the youngest of them (Billy). If the heroes succeed, they have the option to enlist Billy and his elder brother Hog as allies in their adventures.

Billy Crabcock is a somewhat tough mini to identify. I've only found him in the 1989 summer trade catalogue over at Stuff of Legends. He looks like he could be part of the C07 Rangers line, and sure looks like a Perry brothers sculpt. I guess he's from around 1986 or there abouts. I have no idea why he's sporting a fur bowler hat. A bit of a daft model, to be frank.

Billy Crabcock – Human Farmboy (18 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 2. Coward, Shooter (Medium).
Young and inexperienced, he fell prey to the undead attacking the town. Having been rescued by the heroes, Billy and his brother now offer their aid in battle. Must stay within a medium range of his brother Hog. If Hog is killed, Billy must make a morale check.

His brother Hog Crabcock was a bit easier, as I happen to own an old White Dwarf from 1987 with the model displayed. It's also in the 1988 catalogue. Typical charming Morrison sculpt and I quite like it.

Hog Crabcock – Human Farmhand (20 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 3. Protect.
Billy’s older brother, who returned to Stillburg and his father’s farm after a failed attempt at professional soldiery. Must stay within a medium range of his brother. If Billy is killed, gains the Berserk ability until end of game, and permanently gains Hatred of the creature type that killed Billy. Each game ending with both Crabcock brothers alive (even if they were removed from play) gives one extra VP.

Coming up next; some minis I bought painted off a chap on LAF. Some (very) old Citadel, some nice Marauder creatures and a bunch of Foundry stuff. Also have a vizened old wizard on the painting table, together with a halfling. In addition to that, I've got some of my Amera terrain finished up (but I ran out of flock!) and also have a package prepped to send off on a painting commission. Too much lead and too little time...

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Citizens of Stillburg

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Wed, April 06, 2011 17:42:09

It's been too long since I posted pictures of newly painted minis, so here are a bunch from the first round of the Lead Painters League over at LAF. The submission did pretty well, winning me the round even though I had stiff competition.

All of them are Orc's Drift scenario miniatures, but none of them are scenario exclusives. The dwarf is a C06 dwarf (sculpted by the Perry brothers) while the remaining four are all sculpted by Trish Morrison and part of the C46 Townsfolk range released in 1985.

Statler Hornblender and Gaffer Malletshield have never seen eye to eye on anything. Partly, that can be attributed to the difference in height but as old age have brought them both closer to the ground (in several ways) they have found that they also have many things in common. The main thing being to harass every person younger than them, which is pretty much everybody else in town. They are often seen around the town square pestering the poor busker Reiner Albern.

Reiner grew up in Stillburg, and it was clear from early days that he is operating in a dimension of his own. Together with his imaginary pet monkey Bosco, he's made a living playing out-of-tune tunes at the town square for the last ten years. It has long been rumoured that Reiner's pipe organ contained a large hoard of gold and gems. When some of the hired hands at a farm nearby cracked the organ open to claim the treasure, the rumour was proven to be just that. A family of mice were left homeless, the miscreants spent a night in jail and Reiner keeps grinding away on his repaired organ. Apart from the occasional creaking and rattling, the pipe organ is now completely silent.

Wilbur the traveller is a regional vagrant, who travels between the towns around Stillburg, performing menial tasks and manual labour. For a few days he's been staying at the Nag's Head, uncharacteristically well off. He claims to have been richly rewarded for services rendered to Theodore of Konstipah, the wizardly kook living in Nost-Óul Towers. As his (not very substantial) wealth is dwindling, Wilbur have been asking around for a few able adventurers to accompany him out on a quest for gold and fortune. Apparently, as part of his payment, he received a map and documents detailing where daring men might find limitless riches!

Otis Volkhorn is the town baker. Not much to say of him. Hard working family man, liked by everybody and provides the town with bread. In short, he's a model citizen.

Coming up next, not much I'm afraid! There's precious little hobby time at the moment, and what little I can get I put into my Lead Painters League submissions. So far, I have only managed one entry with newly painted minis. The rest are just the same old we've allready seen here.

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A new sheriff in town

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Tue, January 11, 2011 23:18:37
As some might remember, Mayor Boismann bought the plot in the first Stillburg scenario. I have now finished painting the guy who will replace him. Let me introduce you to Albert Adlercreutz, chief constabulary officer of Stillburg!

Albertus Adlercreutz – Human Officer
(60 pts)
Quality 3+, Combat 3. Leader.
Awaiting an official election, the town’s constabulary officer has been charged with the job as interim mayor. Albert Adlercreutz is quite the opposite of the old mayor. Righteous and just, with a genuine will to help those in need, he has offered his assistance to the surving heroes. No doubt will his corageous and inspiring ways prove an asset to the group!

The miniature is a fine piece of Aly Morrison work, from the Marauder MM60 line of human fighters. I really must say these models were done when Morrison (in my opinion) was at his best. Top notch, and I really hope he'll survive for a while in the campaign!

I'm very pleased with how the mini turned out, with only the back irking me. I got this (as almost all my other lead) from eBay, and unfortunately the seller never told me the mini had a huge chunk of super glue on his back (probably from a shield)! I've managed to clean off most of it, but it did affect the surface. I've gone over the worst parts with black and more metals after this picture was taken, to give the lower back part a better impression of scales. First time I'm doing the signature 80s striped pants, by the way. Was a bit of a pain, but turned out nice.

Oddly enough, I must have subconsciously sucked in how the mini was painted in White Dwarf #113. I didn't think of it at all when painting, but when comparing now there are some pretty obvious similarities!

Coming up next, more human peasant fighter types. Also - an old friend might soon make a re-appearance!

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Some old hat

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Sun, January 09, 2011 17:50:25
As the first post of the new year, I thought I'd take us back some 15 years - and even more!

I have always been painting small things, starting out with customizing my Matchbox and Corgis as a wee nipper and moving between plastic models and home cast lead soldiers. Enamels from Humbrol and Revell were the order of the day, and I laid the paint on thick.

When I was 10-11 I bought my first role playing game. With it came paper silhouettes and a basic grid floor plan on which to play out battles. The local toy store had these Prince August moulds to cast orcs, dwarfs and other fantasy creatures. Exit flat caroleans, enter 25mm undead and ogres!

After happily casting (but rarely painting) for a while, I noticed there were ready cast miniatures to buy. We didn't have them in my town, but I bought some second hand from an add in the local paper. This is most likely the first metal miniature I ever bought!

If anyone knows the manufacturer I'd be happy to know. He still wears his original paint job (by the guy I bought it from... yellow blobs on the blemishes were added by me with a toothpick) but will get a stripping, some clean up and a re-paint very soon!

Things escalated from here, eventually I found out about acrylic paint and things got a lot easier. Fast forward to the early 90s and I've been introduced to Games Workshop stuff through Blood Bowl and Hero Quest. I've painted a few Blood Bowl miniatures, and was starting to get the hang of it. After purchasing a Citadel Starter paint set in late 1995, I did my first serious attempt to actually improve my painting. These Hero Quest minis are the first proper 28 mm painting efforts I did. Still had not heard of thinning the paints, undercoating or gotten to grips with shading - but I tried hard to be neat atleast.

I'll be posting more of my old stuff this spring, as I feel I'm not painting enough to keep the blog updated on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy it, I'm having fun digging out old hunks o' lead (or in this case, plastic). I've made a super secret resolution to paint at least one mini per week (on average) which also means I'll post one freshly painted mini per week. I missed the window on this last week, but I have one mini finished and photographed for posting tomorrow. Can't flood the blog with two posts the same day!

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Half-orc and two more militia men

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Tue, November 30, 2010 15:24:10
Finally, some properly painted lead here. It's a great mini from the C10 Half-Orcs range, sculpted by Aly Morrison. I picked it up from bridgend_steve a good while ago and painted it up for the interlude between scenario 1 and 2 of the Stillburg campaign. He's a bit mangled up with a heavy mold line across the right hand side of his face, obscuring the detail.
The motif of the shield is that of a white raven, nicked from the Fable 3 game where a band of mercenaries use a similar symbol. As I collect and paint up the remaining C10 Half-Orcs, I'll re-use the shield design and they'll form a nice coherent unit or warband. Got three more primed and waiting for paint.

In the Stillburg campaign, he only makes a quick cameo in a scenario interlude where he acts as a guide for a gang of samurai from Nippon.
They're unexpectedly backed up by a local bad-tempered minotaur; Fatgit Rumblegut (finally I got to use him in a game).

More on that odd constellation in my report on that game. As all minis now are fully painted I'll do a few shots to illustrate it. Might be a while...

I've also managed to add a finishing touch to two more quick jobs of non-Citadel lead. To the left is a Metal Magic paladin, still avaliable from Mega Miniatures as Guard with Halberd. I really like the mini, and I'm happy with how the quick and dirty paint job turned out. The guy to the right is unknown to me, no idea where he's from. Got him in a lot when buying the Metal Magic paladins.

That's it for now. Next time I'll have a short battle report for you. Honest!

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Crap ninja!

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Wed, November 17, 2010 23:11:25
Not much real ultimate power here, eh? Been quiet on the painting front for a while. I've done up a few non-Citadel minis quickly for an interlude in the Stillburg campaign. Two of them are the aforementioned Ral Partha ninja, as pictured below.

Not very happy at all with them, I need to take a few ninja painting classes. After a few failed attempts at painting these guys, I just resorted to dry brushing and picking out a few details. I hate painting black! Meh - I got these from a nice chap at LAF (also named Mattias) and now I feel I'm letting him down by doing such a shitty paint job on them. Oh well, it beats having them unpainted in a drawer. At least they've seen action in two games now!

Hope to update soon again, actually have two more militia fellas finished (also not Citadel, one Metal Magic and one unknown make) but the photos were craptastic so will have to wait for another time.

Coming up next (apart from the two guardsmen mentioned) is a C10 Half-orc, properly painted and all! Also have a battle report from the Stillburg interlude scenario to write up, and take photos of. Reason I have to take new shots instead of using those from the actual game is that we enjoyed a few beers and some bourbon while playing.

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