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Zombie WIP, part 2

MiscPosted by Mattias Tue, January 17, 2012 08:37:10
Last time we saw these guys, I had spent about 2 hours on them, doing base coats. As promised, the next step was indeed to finish up the base coats with wood, metals and a few other things (boots, pants etc). About 30 minutes was spent on this, so that's 2.30 so far!

Next, the magic step. The Devlan Mud step! With a big brush, I just soak the whole figure in Devlan Mud. Being foul undead, I'm not too bothered by this - but I wouldn't have done this on a fancy elf. In addition to Devlan Mud, I do additional washes with Brown Wash (the old bottles with a blue cap) and Badab Black as well as Black Wash. About another 30 minutes for this step and 3 hours in total.

Once the models have been shaded with wash, I start cleaning up and finishing off individual parts of each individual model. It's quite different from the previous steps so I can't really give any descriptions but here's a sequence of pictures. The general aproach is to clean up each area with the base colour and then highlight it with a layer or two of lighter shades of the base colour. I washed the skin parts another time with purple wash too.

Finally, the models are finished. I spent about 5 hours all in all on them so far. Still have bases to do and a shield for the armoured fellow.

Not exactly happy with them, but they'll do the job. That's standard fare for me and my finished minis. I need to base them and let them rest for a while before I start to like them. The Bob Olley skeleton/zombie however will probably remain my least favourite model ever for a long time. There were even traces of fingerprints on the back of the model!

I'll post proper photos once the guys are based up and all done. After that, I'll paint MORE zombies! I'll have some variation though, as the ones I'm painting next are a newer edition sculpted by Gary Morley. Probably my least favourite sculptor of all time. I was about to call him the Herb Trimpe of Games Workshop, but had a change of heart as Trimpe is more like Olley. Oddly proportioned and a weird style, but their work have an oldschool charm.

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Planning ahead for 2012

MiscPosted by Mattias Sun, January 15, 2012 18:33:11
With 2011 over and done with, what am I looking forward to in this new year? Let's first have a run-down of the projects that I might spend time on.

Songs of Stillburg
We have played three scenarios in the Stillburg campaign so far. I have the next one properly written up, and I'm making progress painting zombies (of which there will be a lot!) but I still have some way to go before the miniatures for all planned scenarios are painted.

Here's a list of what I've got to do.
1 x Necromancer Apprentice (Talisman necromancer)
2 x Zombie Lieutenants (Armoured and shield toting zombies)
10 x Zombies (If possible I'll ditch the Morley zombies and replace them with Adams/Olley ones)
1 x Skeleton Captain (Robed skeleton)
1 x Catapult
3 x Skeleton Crew
4 x Ghouls (Got one old ghoul, the Talisman ghoul and will resort to using 90s ghouls for the rest if I can't source more vintage ghouls)
1 x Skeleton Captain (Mordini champion)
1 x Skeleton Hero (Krell, of Lichemaster fame)
1 x Zombie Hulk (That's a plastic pre-painted D&D miniature I'll re-paint)
1 x Necromancer (Actually a chaos sorcerer, but I wanted something imposing for the end boss)
2 x Wights (Using new-ish Grave Guard, if I can find cool oldschool wights I might use them instead... but I like these guys)
1 x Ghost (Using an old wraith)

I've got most of the terrain I need for all scenarios, but for one particular scenario I would love to have scratchbuilt a wizard's tower. Standard fare Pringles tube construction and all. Maybe a bit too 90s and not enough 80s, but I'll take my chances.

The last scenario will be a dungeon crawl, where I'll most likely will use the Song of Gold and Darkness supplement. I've got Dave King's dungeon floor plans printed out and would have to mount and cut them before we could play, but I have all the things I need for that.

I also have a bunch of "good guys" that I can finish at my leisure. The heroes really miss having a magic user, so I have one Aygar Mistlethaine half done.

Re-basing painted miniatures I've purchased
I've got a handfull of various miniatures I bought painted together with the spartans (or Elisiams, as I prefer to call them). They need to be rebased and finished up (a few of them had little dents and dings). Some are actually scheduled for use as civilians in Stillburg in scenario 4, so I will prioritize them highly.

Dungeon Bowl
I've had a hankering for some Blood Bowl the last few years. Last time I played was four years ago, and I really think it's time to get back to it. To make things a bit more interesting, I'm creating mixed race teams based on the ten example teams illustrated on the old Dungeon Bowl box. I will also make a new Dungeon Bowl pitch from Dave King's free dungeon tiles.

Star Wars
A long-time wish have been to set up a simple game of Flying Lead using Star Wars Miniatures pre-painted plastics. One goal for 2012 is to create two warband lists and have a trial game with two small forces battling it out. Standard imperial and rebel troops, no jedi or other silly business. Biggest hurdle is I've never actually read the rules or played the game. I've got the minis and I have a set of suggested point costs for the troopers, so it's just a matter of getting stuck in!

Olley vs Olley
When painting the three red cap goblins, I did a sneaky start on a little side project of SOBH I've got planned. It's probably the lowest priority of all I've got brewing. Basically, I want to pit a warband of Olley goblins (with pointy, red hats - ie evil little gnomes) versus a bunch of Olley's antropomorphic animals from Splintered Lands. I would need a handfull of goblins for it, but otherwise I'm all set. I might try out a different ruleset with this project; Skulldred or Faust23's upcoming skirmish battle system which sounds quite promising.

They look rather little and cute next to the Citadel gobbos they'll be facing!

Dungeon Crawl
I love Warhammer Quest, but think it's a bit too random and also don't care much for the miniature placement and battle system. Wouldn't mind doing my own dungeon crawl using aforementioned floor plans and either Song of Gold and Darkness or Labyrinth Lord for an engine. I'm well tempted by Labyrinth Lord I must say. Apart from picking rules and create dungeon tiles, I also want furniture. Good thing I got it... alas, it's unpainted!

HOTT / Songs of Armies and Hordes
Yeah, there's that project too... I've got a full HOTT army each for dwarves and for goblins. I've got the element bases needed. Now I just need time and an opponent. This is definitely a back burner project. If Song of Armies and Hordes from Ganesha turns out to be nice I'll probably abandon the obtuse HOTT system and go for SOAH instead. I don't think much will happen on this project during the year. The minis will continue languishing unpainted in their shirt-box!

Mutants and Death Ray Guns
I bought a load of EM4 miniatures in 2009. Plan was to use them for MDRG-warbands. After recently seeing the new releases from Khurasan Miniatures, I decided to move the post-apocalyptic and sci-fi setting to 15mm scale instead. As of now, I have no miniatures and no real motivation (except the "Oooh, shiny!"-factor) going for this project. It's on the back burner. I'll try to get a few packs of minis to paint up as test pieces. 10 miniatures will do just fine.

Regiments of Renown
Apart from the Mordini's Nightmare Legion miniatures I'm using in the Stillburg crampaign I'm not planning on painting any Regiments of Renown in particular this year. If I find the time and inclination, I do have a complete Harboth's Black Mountain Boys primed and ready to go though. If I find myself with some extra money, I might comission a regiment or two. Most likely, that would be Knights of the Cleansing Flame and/or Golfag's (other) Regiment of Mercenary Ogres.

More cardboard buildings
Need a few more houses for Stillburg itself. I've got a few cardboard buildings from Citadel Townscapes to complete, as well as a bunch of sheets I bought from Svennn at LAF. In addition, I have a few pieces in old White Dwarf as well as one or two from my (incomplete at purchase) Blood On The Streets box.

Larger playing surface
We currently play on a 100x100 cm surface split in four sections (for ease of storage). I'm contemplating getting either one more sheet of insulation foam and doing two more of these (which were a bit of a hassle and didn't turn out all that awesome) or just get a 4x6 mat from Zuzzy. Decisions decisions. Another option is 100x100 cm MDF sheets that I just texture and paint green.

A miniature a week!
If I fullfill any one of the above goals, I'm well on the way to my over-all goal of completing at least 52 miniatures from my lead mountain. If I buy ready painted miniatures, they do not count towards this. Comissions on miniatures from my lead mountain do, though.

So, the actual priority list looks like this:
1. Finish scenario 4 for Stillburg.
2. Write up battle reports for scenarios 2 and 3 of the Stillburg campaign.
3. Get a starting team done for Dungeon Bowl.
4. Stat up two Star Wars warbands and read the rules for Flying Lead a few times.
5. Get another starting team done for Dungeon Bowl.
6. Base up allready painted miniatures.

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy and I'm sure my fickle attention will veer elsewhere. It doesn't matter much - but I find it at least slightly motivational to state my goals. If I achieve those above, I'll be extremely pleased with 2012 from a hobby perspective!

Onwards and upwards, volles Kraft voraus and stoke me a clipper; I'll be back for christmas!

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Zombie WIP, part 1

MiscPosted by Mattias Sat, January 14, 2012 19:17:45
I thought I'd do a slightly more detailed coverage of the next four zombies I paint. I decided I'd take a picture either after a session or every 30 minutes during longer painting sessions. Usually, I don't even paint for 30 minutes in a go, but today I had a few hours to myself and spent two of them to paint a little.

First I cleaned up my work place a bit, and rummaged through the paints to pick out what I thought I might need for the session. Some clean water, a fresh wet palette (with the lid on, so you can't really see it) and a cup of coffee. I'm good to go!

After about 30 minutes of doing black and blood red, the four zombies looked like this.

Next up was the base coat for the actual flesh. A proper old pot of Rotting Flesh still does the job, it's been with me for many years. In the picture above, the guy second from the left is actually not quite a zombie. It's one of Bob Olley's IC201 Skeleton Guard, however the sculpt (or cast) is so horrible that it works better as a zombie (I hope). After all, he's painted more or less like a zombie in the original advert too. After another 30 minutes, the chaps looked like this.

Next up, I did the clothing. To keep the painting time down a bit, I'll do all the main fabrics the same colour on all four. It won't matter much when they're in a much larger group. I'm going to do a rather light brown in the end, so the base coat is Tausept Ochre. Incidently, that's what I also use for bone. After another 30 minutes or so, I had this before me.

In the background you can see a finished zombie that I use for reference. Also, the four pots of paint used so far.

So, about 2 hours of which 90 minutes were effective painting time and the rest was tinkering and general mucking about. I'm keeping this documentation up for the duration of these four guys, so I can get a better idea about how long it takes me to paint a few minis.

The next step is to base coat wood pieces and a few details. After that I give the metals a base coat, before washing the miniatures. Then comes highlighting and finishing the details. Yay. In the end I expect to have spent about four hours in total on them.

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Looking back at 2011

MiscPosted by Mattias Sat, December 31, 2011 13:12:09
So, my third year as a "miniatures nut returned" has come to an end. What were my hopes, and what did I accomplish? I think the year has been fruitful not only in the baby department but also in the miniature part of my life, but not as fruitful as I had wished.

Lead Painters League
I enlisted in the LPL with hopes of being able to paint 5 new teams (in total 25 miniatures) and partake in the remaining 5 rounds with previously painted and shown miniatures. I ended up painting a single team of new models (Citizens of Stillburg) and the remaining rounds were rehashed old hat.

My scores suffered and I finished in the bottom tier, even though I won 5 rounds and lost 5. A bit surprised at that, I didn't think the bonus points for new teams would matter that much. It's a lesson I'm taking with me for the next LPL I participate in, for sure!

Man Cave 2.0
We renovated a room in our basement and I've started to move all my gaming gunk in there. It's shaping up nicely and will allow us to now renovate the room that was previously my quite mangy man cave.

Songs of Stillburg
Sadly, only one game played this year. With me and my cousin both having kids the last year we ofcourse realized our gaming time would be limited, so I suppose one game isn't too shabby. I still need to write a battle report for the game we fought last year though! Here's a teaser shot from the third game of Stillburg, which happens to also be the inaugural game of Man Cave 2.0!

A miniature a week
I had this hope of painting at least one miniature a week, on average. That didn't happen, I can tell you that! Here's a break-down of what I DID finish this year:
14 models painted and finished (completely by me)
45 models painted by others, but with bases finished by me
6 objective markers built and finished completely by me
12 15mm models painted and finished completely by me

If we sum all that up, I did 32 models and had 45 models more or less done for me. In total, it means I scraped about 70 pieces of lead from the lead mountain. So - not too shabby, but I wish I had painted more myself! Here's an overview of the year's bounty.

Weeeell... let's not talk about that. Too much, too often and too unpainted! I didn't buy as much this year as the last, but I really should've purchased less. Can't resist a good deal or a neat idea!

Stripping Liquid
I've finally found the holy grail of stripping gunk! It's called ColourOff, from chemical producer Autosmart International Ltd. It's non-toxic, smells pretty nice and it's actually a hand cleaning product so I don't have to worry too much about coming in contact with it. Most importantly, a night in this makes almost any paint come off with a tooth brush and it does not seem to affect plastics. I have miniatures which brake fluid and acetone wouldn't clean. They are now completely clean!

As I didn't get the time to finish those 5 zombies in time for the new years I think my 2012 will be off to a flying (or shambling, rather) start! Here's some of the other old gunk I've got queued up. More on that in my post regarding my 2012 plan, sometime next week.

I end this year with a close up of some of my old school publications. Ah - shelved goodness! Happy new year, friends! Leave a comment for me to know that you're still around!

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Pimping my mates a bit...

MiscPosted by Mattias Fri, October 28, 2011 14:34:28
I haven't been painting as much as I had anticipated (surprise!). Apparently, parental leave does not equal vacation and hours upon hours of recreational fun in my basement. I can't complain, I'm having the time of my life with my boy! I'm just not painting old lead.

No reason for not posting stuff though. First off, here's a couple of old Citadel Fighting Fantasy plastics.

These are the first plastic models ever produced by Citadel. My cousin and I bought them in the early eighties in a toy shop in Ystad, Sweden. I, being a daft git already in my early years, didn't get any of the cool models; chaos warrior, a barbarian and "the other" orc. My cousin however, he got these two guys - with new paintjobs they'll be able to play the parts of a giant troll (the orc) and a rather large giant (actually an ogre). I have another head for the ogre/giant as well as two weapons (an axe and a club). They're posed next to a Citadel skeleton (the musician from Mordini's Nightmare Legion) for scale. Rather large fellows.

I have some more stuff to share over the next few days, so stay tuned for more old lead. Now for something totally divergent! I'm adding a few more interesting blogs and sites to my link bar to the right, and thought I'd pimp them a bit in this post too. Bear in mind, the miniatures in the following pictures are NOT painted by me!

First up, there's Blue's Marauding Miniatures. Run by Blue in VT, an active member on LAF, Frothers and a few other Warhammer Fantasy related sites. As the title of his blog say, the main focus is on Marauder Miniatures.
Image courtesy of Blue's Marauding Miniatures!

Next, we have Nico's Realms of Chaos. Nico is a very talented and extremely productive french chap, who hit like a bomb earlier this year when he started posting pics of his awesome vintage Chaos army. Now, he's started churning out a fantastic Skaven army as well, inspired by the old Andy Chambers army in White Dwarf #134. Top stuff!
Image courtesy of Nico's Realms of Chaos!

Finally, Die Platt. It's a site where the galleries depict the various armies of a group of friends in Germany, run by powerfrog99 - also a member on LAF. The sheer amount of stuff is amazing, and the paintjobs and collections are great. I especially like how each army is a mix and match of different manufacturers and periods. They also have some really nice terrain pieces! Go forth, oogle and froth!
Image courtesy of Die Platt!

Oh, almost forgot - there's a proper nice forum dealing with my second miniature-vice; Metal Magic miniatures. Check it out and don't let the german language scare you off.

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A hiatus of sorts...

MiscPosted by Mattias Tue, February 15, 2011 07:41:32

Things have moved slowly here this year... two reasons for that. First of all, me and the mrs had a son on january 28th. All is well with the three of us. Secondly, there's a painting tournament going on over at Lead Adventure. One of the rules are to not post the submissions anywhere else before entering them. I'm taking part and whatever painting time I can scrounge up goes into those competition teams. The first team is submitted in March, expect a weekly trickle of posts with painted stuff after that. As always, it will be old OOP Citadel.

I'll try to do another retro post with some old Blood Bowl miniatures of mine. Also have a book to post a review of.

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Miniature want-list

MiscPosted by Mattias Sat, August 07, 2010 14:05:58

When trading, it's nifty to have the want-list handy. Here's mine - don't mind it, I'm just putting it here for ease of reference and accessibility.

RR1 - Bugman's Brewers
1x Musician
1x Champion

RR3 - Grom's Goblin Guard (type A)
1x Musician
1x Champion
8x Trooper (have 8)

RR5 - Harboth and the Black Mountain Boys
1x Musician

RR9 - Mudat's Mercenary Half-Orc Maniacs
1x Musician
1x Champion
1x Officer

Orc's Drift Scenario Models
Osrim Chardz (yeah, right)
Mayor Leofwine
Inn Keeper
Serving Wench
Stable Owner
Store Keeper
Store Keeper's Wife
Guthrum Mane (also C31 Giant Hill Troll)

BDD1 - D&D Dungeon Adventurers
Treasure Chest

Champion of Khorne, 021915 (Maul)
Chaos Beastman, 022002 (Crested helm, axe, shield)
Chaos Beastman, 022018 (Mallet, shield, helmet)

Heroic Fighters of the Known World
#04 (Sword, shield, winged helmet)
#05 (Mallet, shield, two-horned helmet)
#07 (Sword, shield, silly helmet)
#10 (Two-hand sword, silly helmet)

Citadel Flegler with Flail (074102/3, top left)

Bob Olley Iron Claw goblins

Mega Miniatures
Barbarian Shaman
Dark Wizard
Grey Wizard
Elf Sorceress
Evil Mage
Travelling Wizard
Death by Magic
White Mage

(Stone Golem)
Nightmare Demon (Democratic Monster)
Liche (Wraith)
Skeletal Champion (Skeleton)
Wraith (Ghost)
Ogre Champion (Troll)
(Fire Imp)
Deer Buck (Buck)
(Tree Ent)
Bat SPAWN (Big Black Bat)
Dwarven Mage (Sub-wizard)
Goat x 1 (Scapegoat)
Elven Thief (Elf)
Cat scared (Familiar)
Wizard Mounted (Steed)
Zombie with Leg Bone (Ghoul)
Young Mage (Apprentice)
Master Wizard (Alter Ego)
Rat SPAWN (Rats)
(Firefly x 6)
Vampire Classic (Vampire Form)
Werewolf (Werewolf Form)
Ghost (Ghost Form)
Treasure Chest x 16

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Star Wars Miniatures

MiscPosted by mappe Mon, March 01, 2010 21:39:35
When bidding on a few cheap D&D miniatures on eBay, I also bid on (and won) a few Star Wars miniatures. That's virgin territory for me, so I've been going through the Star Wars Minis Database for other Star Wars minis I could be able to use for Mutants And Death Ray Guns. Here's a list for my future reference.

Weequay Mercenary
Ishi Tib Scout
Gotal Fringer
Shistavanen Pilot
Klatooinian Hunter
Bothan Noble
Duros Scoundrel
Gotal Mercenary
Kel Dor Bounty Hunter

Most of them are more or less obscure aliens and won't be instantly recognizable as Star Wars miniatures when repainted. Give a Duros caucasian skin and he's all of a sudden a physically mutated human!Best of all, they're all dirt cheap as they're junk minis in the Star Wars game! Some might need a weapon replacement, but hey - that's standard fare anyways.

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