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Budget, March 2010

MiscPosted by mappe Mon, March 01, 2010 19:06:47
I decided to stay on a geekdom budget for 2010, and allocate 500 SEK (that's about 70 universal bucks) to my geek budget per month. The main reason for this is for me to stop buying games, books, miniatures, magazines and movies that I just tuck away. Instead I buy only what I really want, when I need it - or atleast when I prioritize it. So, here goes:

Purchases, February 2010
Assorted 15 mm fantasy minis (skirmishers, magic users, cleric and giant rat) - 120 SEK
Large lot of 15 mm fantasy minis (orcs, goblins, humans and more) - 138 SEK
Small lot of D&D and SW minis (11 minis) - 92 SEK

In total: 350 SEK

This gives me a neat carry-over of 150 SEK for March! I'll need it, as I placed a few bids on some more D&D minis today at lunch. I'm extremely low on mounted miniatures, for instance. Unfortunately, mounted minis are usually Rare and thus more expensive. I figured now was the time to get a few, and decided to also take the plunge on a few other minis I've been missing.

Sorry about this really, really boring post. I like to keep this stuff here for ease of reference though. Also, it's fun to vent a bit. This budget thing is awesome, it has already stopped me from buying several Xbox 360 games (I think Blood Bowl or BioShock 2 is due next month), a board game or two and some comics (new Walking Dead TPB out, how can I manage without it?). I've always been horrible at restraining myself, so this is a really useful experiment.

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