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Small World at work

BoardgamesPosted by mappe Mon, February 22, 2010 23:18:08
I've been blessed with a few fellow geeks in my department and as some of them are leaving for other assignments soon, we had a small boardgame evening at the office. Thomas, Henrik and Andreas joined me for a game of Small World. It was the first time for Thomas and Andreas, while Henrik and I have played a few times prior to this session.
I started out pretty good with Dragon Master Ghouls. After a few conquests in my first turn, I put them in decline on the second turn. While continuing my conquests with the Ghouls, my active race was now Commando Skeletons. This was a pretty sweet combination, so I stuck with them for some 4 rounds or so, before switching to Pillaging Trolls at the end. At this point I had had a few consecutive turns netting me 13-14 points each. This put me in the lead and I won in the end - but not by much. Everybody agreed it was a fun and fairly tight game, but the wooden dice has to burn due to its inability to yield pips when rolled. Bastard dice!

Final standings:
Mattias (that's me) - 94 pts
Andreas - 85 pts
Thomas - 79 pts
Henrik - 78 pts

I mentioned I might be doing a few stands of trees for Song of Blades & Heroes. Change of plans! At a dull meeting at work today, I got a scenario idea for the SoBH game we're playing on wednesday. The scenario calls for an ancient ruined step pyramid. It's glued and carved now, resting under the weight of Trivial Pursuit and Titan. Very different games, but both weigh a ton so they're well suited for this purpose. I'll paint it up and finish it tomorrow evening. It turned out quite nice and I got a few work-in-progress pictures. I sense a tutorial coming up!

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