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Phreedh's Mini Stuff

A hiatus of sorts...

MiscPosted by Mattias Tue, February 15, 2011 07:41:32

Things have moved slowly here this year... two reasons for that. First of all, me and the mrs had a son on january 28th. All is well with the three of us. Secondly, there's a painting tournament going on over at Lead Adventure. One of the rules are to not post the submissions anywhere else before entering them. I'm taking part and whatever painting time I can scrounge up goes into those competition teams. The first team is submitted in March, expect a weekly trickle of posts with painted stuff after that. As always, it will be old OOP Citadel.

I'll try to do another retro post with some old Blood Bowl miniatures of mine. Also have a book to post a review of.

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