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C18 Zombies, again...

MiniaturesPosted by Mattias Thu, January 12, 2012 13:14:10
Just a quick update with the most recent addition to undead horde (and hoard!) - five old C18 Zombies sculpted by Kev Adams. Enjoy!

In the background, you can see a few terrain pieces I've finally finished up. Got them for christmas from my wife in 2009. There's also a piece of an hedgerow I slapped together to see if it would work out. I think it did, so probably more to come.

The astute reader might notice how I've painted the skin of these guys a little bit differently from the previous five zombies. This have several reasons, but the main reason is my painting style have changed a bit since I got Citadel's "new" line of washes. I think I like this dry look a bit better than the greener zombies I did before. What do you think?

Coming up next... game plan for 2012, I hope!

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