Phreedh's Mini Stuff

Phreedh's Mini Stuff

This week I have mostly been getting... more Blood Bowl!

AcquisitionsPosted by Mattias Fri, February 03, 2012 15:27:18
Hard at work with my teams for the LPL6 over at LAF. First team finished, one model finished in the second team and the remaining four lined up in a row on my painting desk. The remaining teams are all cleaned, assembled and primed - so it's business time! Also have a few replacement teams at the ready if any entry is delayed.

Here's what I got this week.

Mostly humans (three throwers, three catchers, three linemen and two blitzers), but also two old Olley ogres, a dark elf lineman and a goblin.

The weekly tally is now 15 painted - 87 acquired: -72!

Nothing much incoming, so hopefully we'll see the total decreasing soon!

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