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Looking back at 2011

MiscPosted by Mattias Sat, December 31, 2011 13:12:09
So, my third year as a "miniatures nut returned" has come to an end. What were my hopes, and what did I accomplish? I think the year has been fruitful not only in the baby department but also in the miniature part of my life, but not as fruitful as I had wished.

Lead Painters League
I enlisted in the LPL with hopes of being able to paint 5 new teams (in total 25 miniatures) and partake in the remaining 5 rounds with previously painted and shown miniatures. I ended up painting a single team of new models (Citizens of Stillburg) and the remaining rounds were rehashed old hat.

My scores suffered and I finished in the bottom tier, even though I won 5 rounds and lost 5. A bit surprised at that, I didn't think the bonus points for new teams would matter that much. It's a lesson I'm taking with me for the next LPL I participate in, for sure!

Man Cave 2.0
We renovated a room in our basement and I've started to move all my gaming gunk in there. It's shaping up nicely and will allow us to now renovate the room that was previously my quite mangy man cave.

Songs of Stillburg
Sadly, only one game played this year. With me and my cousin both having kids the last year we ofcourse realized our gaming time would be limited, so I suppose one game isn't too shabby. I still need to write a battle report for the game we fought last year though! Here's a teaser shot from the third game of Stillburg, which happens to also be the inaugural game of Man Cave 2.0!

A miniature a week
I had this hope of painting at least one miniature a week, on average. That didn't happen, I can tell you that! Here's a break-down of what I DID finish this year:
14 models painted and finished (completely by me)
45 models painted by others, but with bases finished by me
6 objective markers built and finished completely by me
12 15mm models painted and finished completely by me

If we sum all that up, I did 32 models and had 45 models more or less done for me. In total, it means I scraped about 70 pieces of lead from the lead mountain. So - not too shabby, but I wish I had painted more myself! Here's an overview of the year's bounty.

Weeeell... let's not talk about that. Too much, too often and too unpainted! I didn't buy as much this year as the last, but I really should've purchased less. Can't resist a good deal or a neat idea!

Stripping Liquid
I've finally found the holy grail of stripping gunk! It's called ColourOff, from chemical producer Autosmart International Ltd. It's non-toxic, smells pretty nice and it's actually a hand cleaning product so I don't have to worry too much about coming in contact with it. Most importantly, a night in this makes almost any paint come off with a tooth brush and it does not seem to affect plastics. I have miniatures which brake fluid and acetone wouldn't clean. They are now completely clean!

As I didn't get the time to finish those 5 zombies in time for the new years I think my 2012 will be off to a flying (or shambling, rather) start! Here's some of the other old gunk I've got queued up. More on that in my post regarding my 2012 plan, sometime next week.

I end this year with a close up of some of my old school publications. Ah - shelved goodness! Happy new year, friends! Leave a comment for me to know that you're still around!

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Posted by Thantsants Wed, January 11, 2012 01:58:22

Happy New Year mate - looking forward to seeing more of your brushwork and hearing some more Songs of Stillburg.

No excuses now you have a cave to hide in!

Posted by Kingofdaveness Tue, January 10, 2012 11:47:55

Great work- looking forward to seeing what you do this year!

Will look for Color off in Australia next time I am at the Auto store. My hands stink of Dettol, which, other than that is brilliant. Only I cannot eat food afterwards without the smell of dettol effecting my taste. Uhg.

Posted by Mattias Thu, January 05, 2012 18:00:18

Cheers Paul! Yep, man caves are a gift from the gods (or in this case, my wife). I'll do a full coverage post once I've got my painting station in place and so forth.

Good thinking regarding the LPL! A devious plan have formed in my mind regarding that. It involves my unfinished (hardly started) postapocalyptic project and a move to 15mm Khurasan miniatures, and a sale of my current (rather meagre) stash of EM4 post-apoc minis. You interested in pre-painted Bob Olley sculpts perchance? =) Also have some 10 or so of the Copplestone scavenger types.

Posted by sho3box Thu, January 05, 2012 12:38:41

Happy new year!

The mancave looks great. Its hard to beat the feeling from giving some of the stuff that has been hauled around for years a proper home. We have quite a number of boardgames in common it appears.

The LPL is something that I have considered each time that it came up for the last few years, but I have always balked. It really involves a lot of dedication.

I tend to paint enough miniatures from year to year to enter it, but even if I managed to get enough of a head start on the project it would be tough to keep all of that stuff "unpublished" until after the LPL finished.

I do hope to enter it some day though. Maybe we could run some sort of "buddy system" to keep our motivation up?

I hope that you have a productive 2012 :)

Posted by Mattias Sun, January 01, 2012 13:48:18

No idea Jon, I actually don't know where to get it in Sweden even. I'd recommend you check the link to AutoSmart:

In Sweden, I know you need to have a company to be able to do business with their sales reps. They'll come out to the customer with a van of goods.

Posted by Jon Sat, December 31, 2011 14:20:30

Colour Off sounds like a great product. Where can I buy it in the UK?