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MiscPosted by mappe Mon, March 01, 2010 21:39:35
When bidding on a few cheap D&D miniatures on eBay, I also bid on (and won) a few Star Wars miniatures. That's virgin territory for me, so I've been going through the Star Wars Minis Database for other Star Wars minis I could be able to use for Mutants And Death Ray Guns. Here's a list for my future reference.

Weequay Mercenary
Ishi Tib Scout
Gotal Fringer
Shistavanen Pilot
Klatooinian Hunter
Bothan Noble
Duros Scoundrel
Gotal Mercenary
Kel Dor Bounty Hunter

Most of them are more or less obscure aliens and won't be instantly recognizable as Star Wars miniatures when repainted. Give a Duros caucasian skin and he's all of a sudden a physically mutated human!Best of all, they're all dirt cheap as they're junk minis in the Star Wars game! Some might need a weapon replacement, but hey - that's standard fare anyways.

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